Although I do staff training and basic management training for most anyone, I still have a special place in my heart for child development centers, and especially the congregationally affiliated ones.  For congregations considering starting a child development center, an after-school program, or a school, I am now offering a FREE boolet. Please email me at to get your copy. (And receipt of book will be interpreted as permission to market, of course.)
Since research robustly indicates that congregationally affiliated schools outperform others, it would be a great contribution to society to have more of these schools. Yet, I can see in state records that every decade fewer churches and synagogues are applying for licenses. Perhaps the substantial requirements are intimidating. Perhaps the likelihood of persecution is intimidating. The alternative is to let an increasing number of our children be reared by corporations, or worse, in government run center where the standards and outcomes are the lowest in the industry. (Yes, empirically so, regardless of the rethoric.)
Congregations have higher behavioral and educational standards. Typically they are staffed with more educated teachers. Possibly more caring teachers and administrators. Certainly, inarguably, they are the best at inculcating good values — values like honesty and diligence that make for higher academic achievement.
Please consider starting a CDC, even as a mission, not just for your children, but for the children in your area who need a CDC. Notice that this mission can pay for itself. Please send for the booklet for a brief discussion of why this is so important and how it is entirely possible to do.  info@

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