New: Workshop to Find One’s Calling in Life : Destiny Discovery

College students change majors at an alarming rate, upping costs. Now, many families are even questioning the value of a college education. Few schools have a full career center, and most of those are found wanting. Now, there is a new seminar, taylor-made for the congregational schools, for juniors and seniors, to find their calling in life and infuse their career with meaning, dignity, and inspiration. It is called “Destiny Discovery.” Highlighted is The Reformation’s idea of Vocation or the new idea of “The Seven Mountain Mandate” or “cultural imperative” depending upon the hosting congregations. Also available for individuals. Rooted in long-standing science and updated for the new workplace. Contact me to schedule. Help your students (or yourself?) to discovery you highest calling, God’s optimal destiny for you.

Full day workshop in a school, with homework before and resources after. Coaching available. Mastermind group forthcoming to help graduates through process of going to college, or entering new phase of life.

Teacher of Teachers. Professional, Master Level Trainer for ECD in Texas. College instructor, Trainer, Constultant