Homeschooling parents may find introductory help at, Texas Homeschool Coalition or Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

Educators interested in alternative methods may also find help at

Parents and educators who want deep info on the vax situation or the dangers of allopathic medicine may find that at searching for Divine Design.

For news, try Epoch Times newspaper or For commentary on that news, try Rumble (numerous commentators), ‘s Flashpoint or‘s Check the News. Bitchute, Parler and Xapit may fill the social media space for you.

Please be ware that more well known social media inject their opinion overtly, suppress reliable sources, and hide their spin from both consumer and producers. Yous participation IS their product, since they make money from advertisers. Further, they track you both geographically and on your opinions — across platforms. Given the current collaboration also with government to attempt to illegally enforce deadly and unreasonable requirements, please consider carefully your participation there. People in Afghanistan have chosen to stay, in order to evangellze at the cost of their lives, but there unlike “traditional social media,” they know that they actually are communicating with real people.

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