The Best Secret to Getting Good New Hires

Ever tear your hair out with your employees? Part of avoiding that is hiring the right people, and I talk about my secrets in the audio training for Directors. But there is more to it: setting them on the right track to start with. That is about training.  I know you wish I could be there to do that for you. Well, I could be — on CDs.
Some directors already used a pre-service tool, but they asked me to make a Pre-Service Manual for them. Other material just didn’t meet their needs. They said, some were out-dated and one was just too fluffy without the content they needed.  So Sharon made a pre-service manual for them — and for you.
I put the 8 hours that Texas Licensing requires before you let an employee in the classroom. There are some activities to do, to cement the learning. There are photocopiable multiple choice tests. There is even a certificate you can photocopy — so you can use it again and again.
Let me know what else you need.

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