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Character Development Arising

I got a report at a conference yesterday that more public schools are adopting character development into their curricula. As you know I have been a supporter of this move for a few years. When I started there were at … Continue reading

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One Best Thing to do to Reduce Employee Turnover! Surprising!

Lots of my clients got in a management position because they loved what they were doing: teaching children, making furniture, preaching — not because they wanted to read management books. Now, they are, however, managers. One of the biggest challenges … Continue reading

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Newsletter coming soon

WOW! Is it a busy month! Almost up to my zippy self, but having triple demands on my time. So apologies for late newsletter, and for being so quiet to my Christian Director friends. Great things in the works, though. … Continue reading

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Comments from New Training on Character Development at MNKA

Part I Character Formation is the Secret to academic success, classroom management, and positive guidance You kept everything light and moving along. It was great. Thanks so much for doing this topic (character development). I’ve been saying this for a … Continue reading

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News for Family Day Home Operators

I do now how some online courses up, some of which would be good for Family Day Home Operators. How will I let them know about that?  This post! I would like to reach out to those who take care … Continue reading

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The Best Secret to Getting Good New Hires

Ever tear your hair out with your employees? Part of avoiding that is hiring the right people, and I talk about my secrets in the audio training for Directors. But there is more to it: setting them on the right … Continue reading

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Music, Voice, Rhythm Workshops for Teachers

June 5 & 6 (Th & F) the Kerrville Folk Festival has workshops for teachers in voice and rhythym. Up to 12 hours of official con ed is available for public school teachers. I would think they would be useful … Continue reading

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