Comments from New Training on Character Development at MNKA

Part I Character Formation is the Secret to academic success, classroom management, and positive guidance
You kept everything light and moving along. It was great.
Thanks so much for doing this topic (character development). I’ve been saying this for a long time and no one seems to be hearing me. You have confirmed that I am not losing my mind. Thanks so much!
Great to discover that character development is important for academic success.
Loved the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues, applying Biblical principles, and importance of character training
Speaker is knowledgeable and has great stories
Best: was to remember to incorporate the love of God/Jesus while handling discipline and other issues in the classroom
intelligent speaker, loved the focus on character development (SS: Obviously this is not a referendum on my IQ. What I think is meant is  “Finally! Some content!” I aim at what is today high school level, which is much higher than many the aim of many other ECD trainers. I bill myself as a high content speaker. I aim at giving you at least some tidbits of content and not just fluff or a chance to sleep.)
I really like how she includes all the faith training and character formation. This is missing from many preschool trainings. Great! Thank You!
Part Two – Diversity – Ethnic and SES
I am looking forward to applying methods learned and discussed.
Good topics; Very informative – good speaker
Liked Best: diversity  to communicate with parents and focus on the language barrier
good speaker very knowledgeable
Best: Be mindful of people’s background and be respectful of diversity
I enjoyed the diversity information from Ruby Payne.
Best: Reminding me to be more sensitive to diversity.
Needs improvement? Can’t imagine what.
I like her straight talk!
And also some very amazing comments
She wasn’t prepared: her remote control and laptop didn’t work, so there were no PowerPoint. (SS: no, there was no remote control. The laptop was a stopgap because the Post Office box wouldn’t open, so I couldn’t bring the new books to sell. The reason it “didn’t work” was that I couldn’t get on to the church’s wifi. But that is not related to the workshop. There was no PowerPoint.)
Improve: PowerPoint Slides (SS:We are getting death by PowerPoint. It dumbs down the learning, eliminates the discussion and is a way for people to go to sleep. That is why I have gone back to the old style handouts that one takes home and looks at later. In the session, I want people listening and talking. I know it is hard for some who are addicted to screens to realize that they are part of the learning, but that is the way it is. There was no PowerPoint – on purpose – because I want people to learn. )
Diversity does not have anything to do with my job in teaching pre-K.
We are all white. (SS: No, this is not factual. We were not all Euro-American in that room, even. WOW! I thought diversity was a topic that was dead through overuse. I guess not! Thanks for the feedback! )
It did not really apply to our school… good info for real life though.

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