How Can We Help You?

CONSULTING: Targeted solutions for small businesses including organizational Assessments/original research and implementations including staff training.

I started with office organizing and work flow process and made so much difference to the bottom line, that my friends told me to start consulting. See reference letters under “About.” I got more positive change than national consulting firms or well known canned trainers.

COACHING  :  One on one for managers. for professional time management and Executive English. Please ask about your particular need.

TRAINING: Live or  online

            Specializing in Conflict Reduction, Board Training

            Everything for Early Childhood (recognized by The Registry of Texas)

            For K-12 teachers : forthcoming

            Judeo-Christian Directors Group forming

ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT :    Irlen syndrome, dyslexia, Kauffman School Readiness

           For schools, preschools, and individual families 


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