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CONSULTING: Targeted solutions for small businesses including organizational Assessments/original research and implementations including staff training.

I started with office organizing and work flow process and made so much difference to the bottom line, that my friends told me to start consulting. See reference letters under “About.” I got more positive change than national consulting firms or well known canned trainers.

COACHING  :  One on one for managers. for professional time management and Executive English. Please ask about your particular need.

TRAINING: Live or  online

            Specializing in Conflict Reduction, Board Training

            Everything for Early Childhood (recognized by The Registry of Texas)

            For K-12 teachers : forthcoming

            Judeo-Christian Directors Group forming

ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT :    Irlen syndrome, dyslexia, Kauffman School Readiness , Benchmarks for preschool

           For schools, preschools, and individual families 

    Email me at, taking out the “NO SPAM” manuall.

Teacher of Teachers. Professional, Master Level Trainer for ECD in Texas. College instructor, Trainer, Constultant