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Definite Techniques for Transformation

Triggers,  by Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Reiter       NY: Random, 2015 Okay, folks, we are talking about psychology and behavior here, not guns. This book begins sounding very psychologically oriented, but it was written by a management consultant, often brought in … Continue reading

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Are You Coachable? 3 Questions to Consider

Ken Blanchard is the guru of gurus in the consulting/coaching world. Most owners and bosses could use organizational coaching and or personal coaching, but only the most wise seek it out. What are your thoughts? What kind of consulting or … Continue reading

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Top 5 Organizational Tip as Fresh "Year" Begins

Students are going back to school this week here. Early Childhood teachers are getting the last bulletin board put up. Parents are browsing through aisles of school supplies. There is a fresh breeze of fall discernible, as we launch into … Continue reading

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Relaunching into Helping Organizations Be More Productive

I am an expert in increasing productivity, both for individuals  &  groups. Perhaps uniquely, I am an expert on the social dynamics of organizations — organizations like a workgroups, churches, or  associations. I still will serve teachers and educational institutions, … Continue reading

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