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Our Mission : Helping You Meet Your Mission

We do basic management consulting for small businesses, churches, and schools. Our greatest expertise is understanding the social dynamics of the workgroup. The second is sympathetic coaching of the frontline manager.  Original assessment research and follow-up required. Topics for training … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Throw Gas – not water – On Dreams — Leadership Freak

People are excited to do what they want to do, not what you want them to do. The sooner you embrace this idea, the more successful you’ll become. Control resources. Release people. Frustration: Leaders think: You could do …. You … Continue reading

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Leadership is about … Building Skills that Communicate

Leadership is in short supply. Leadership takes vision + management skills + the ability to inspire. Too many managers simply blame those under them, not realizing they themselves have caused or cultivated the problems they have. Sometimes they even imagine … Continue reading

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Time to Plan Again : By Connecting

Many of my clients are schools and preschools. It is a busy time there, fresh with planning the new year and meeting new students. Whether or not you are in that environment, you probably feel the freshness of the new … Continue reading

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On Becoming a Leader

Warren Bennis On Becomng a Leader Addison-Wesley 1989 A classic. With experience on both the academic and practical side, Bennis covers the how of becoming a leader. The key to full self-expression is understanding oneself and the world and the … Continue reading

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VOCATION 2.0 – Teaching and Managing are Callings

The leaders of The Reformation changed and promoted the idea of vocation so much that it generally is now thought of as theirs. Originally, if one said one felt he or she had a “vocation,” this meant that one was … Continue reading

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Membership Recruitment without Members?

Membership recruitment is of course a primary interest in all voluntary associations. Trade associations are no different. If you read books and go to seminars for trade associations and non-profits you would think that membership recruitment is conducted by tracking, … Continue reading

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The Biggest Secret of all: Success is Built on Character

“Half the team doesn’t trust the boss” Says Dan Rockwell in his blog today, citing a recent study. When managers withhold information, are unrealistically optimistic, or use put-downs, their employees do not trust them. Without trust, there will not be … Continue reading

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Relaunching into Helping Organizations Be More Productive

I am an expert in increasing productivity, both for individuals  &  groups. Perhaps uniquely, I am an expert on the social dynamics of organizations — organizations like a workgroups, churches, or  associations. I still will serve teachers and educational institutions, … Continue reading

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Mould Reality — not put up with moldy reality

Here is a thought from another leadership consultant whose blog I follow. All to often, we are so focused on the latest trend in childcare, we can not keep up with trends in management, let alone let our mind create. … Continue reading

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