Ferguson Says Diversity Training Still Very Relevant

I started doing “diversity training” back in the 1990s. I was wondering if it were really a “dead horse.”  Recent seminar feedback (diversity doesn’t apply here) and recent news (Ferguson. MO) suggest that it is still very relevant today. Please keep me in mind as your diversity trainer. Unlike most, I have a Master’s in Sociology and real experience dealing across barriers in a successful manner.  Yes, even if you are “just training in early childhood.”  Yes, especially if you are training any sort of teacher, you need someone with broad background, practical yes, but also scientific.  Not just someone pushing the latest trend. I have some thought-through and tested ideas — ideas that seem to be entirely new to most. Don’t be hemmed in by looking just where your feet are.  Look around to see where you might go.  Then find someone who knows the landscape, and follow her.  Call me today to book me for any training having to do with diversity or conflict reduction. 512/249-7629.

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3 Responses to Ferguson Says Diversity Training Still Very Relevant

  1. orgstrat says:

    Yes, and NOT the kind of “multi-cultural training” that increases resentment, rancor, and fuels violence.

  2. orgstrat says:

    Yes, we need to go back to original values of understanding, kindness and self-abnegation — rather than the current “values” of “self-esteem” (meaning overweening pride at the expense of others) and “awareness” meaning mobilization for dissension and clamour. Advocacy for another is one thing, but when it becomes an open invitation for looting and violence, it is time to re-think. Love must be wise to be effective.

  3. orgstrat says:

    http://time.com/3637075/starbucks-howard-schultz-race-politics/ Howard Schultz, owner of Starbucks, discusses Ferguson and response and what it means to America. Aims to create conversation and community in his own corporation. That is what we are doing in our Directors’ Groups. If you want to join one, see the tab “Sign-up” and choose your group or groups.

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