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Our Mission : Helping You Meet Your Mission

We do basic management consulting for small businesses, churches, and schools. Our greatest expertise is understanding the social dynamics of the workgroup. The second is sympathetic coaching of the frontline manager.  Original assessment research and follow-up required. Topics for training … Continue reading

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Better Focus for More Productivity

Top Ten Tips 1. There is no such thing as multi-tasking, there is only attention switching. 2. Disrupting attention leads to lower productivity. 3. Worrying about performance leads to mess-ups. An athlete, for instance, knows that best performance comes from … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Assessments – either Benchmark or Norm Based

You asked for easy assessments. You don’t want to think through the issues of validity and reliability. Hiring a professional would be great. Well will talk about that later. But what is a TEACHER to do, who has no time … Continue reading

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Ferguson Says Diversity Training Still Very Relevant

I started doing “diversity training” back in the 1990s. I was wondering if it were really a “dead horse.”  Recent seminar feedback (diversity doesn’t apply here) and recent news (Ferguson. MO) suggest that it is still very relevant today. Please … Continue reading

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Detox! Hydrate!

Detoxing, drainage, off loading toxicity is all the rage among the health-interested adults. I am not going to urge you try some de-toxing protocol on children, but I am going to remind that you pay how important it is to … Continue reading

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Promised list of resources for children's learning problems in Austin now posted.

Here is the promised to post resources in Austin for children with special learning needs .   This is not necessarily an exhaustive list, just the ones I know about. Please be invited to post your favorites too.  I do … Continue reading

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Do you do assessments in your center?

Recently, while doing sales calling, I was told by a young woman answering the phone at a licensed childcare center, “Oh, we don’t do assessments here.” What she probably meant was that in their childcare center, like most others, there … Continue reading

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What Does it Take to Be a Great Educator?

What does it take to be a great educator? Better formal training? Natural talent? A love for children? Kindness? Moral excellence in order to think of the children’s needs and the family’s needs and the center’s needs before one’s own? … Continue reading

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How to Parent for Greatness?

I was struck by the story of one of the American olympians who at 4 climbed to the top of the department store. Most parents would have punished, and I’ll bet he was told nto to do that — but … Continue reading

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Sensory Integration Disorder

Here is a great introduction to a disorder that seems to be new. What is going on when a child is acting… unsual … consistently. Do you have a child who just freaks out over the loud fire alarm? A … Continue reading

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