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The Power of Mentoring

I could use some help. I’m trying – without success – to create an acronym that captures the essence of mentoring. How would you use MENTOR or MENTORING as an acronym? What I have so far needs some work. M. … Continue reading

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Looking Around at the Milestone Markers: Where Have We Come?

It is graduation time. After the celebration and the well-wishing for our graduating students, let’s take a few minutes to assess where education is. I know, we are all very interested in taking off, going for summer, sitting by a … Continue reading

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Is Training Really Worth It?

Remember Henry Ford? He was the business breakthrough of his day. His innovations we depend upon today. What would you life be like without the automobile?   Without the assembly line? Here is Henry Ford on the topic of training, but … Continue reading

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What Jack Welch Can Teach Organizations

Jack Welch was the CEO of GE. Under his leadership, GE became the most valuable company in the world, measured in market capitalization. Warren Buffet, perhaps the most famous investor of all times, said that other than this book by … Continue reading

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Listening as a Vital Skill for Entrepreneurs, Bosses, Coaches and everyone

LISTENING is a huge skill. Clients need to listen to their consultants. If they could listen well enough, then consultants might not be needed. Obviously consultants need to listen wholisitically to clients. Bosses and employees need to listen to each … Continue reading

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